Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Biggest Lie Ever? ... It's not that simple

When In Fact... It Is
I Could Tell You Now... But you might not understand.
I do not mean to sound condescending.

  • But Understanding requires Awareness. 
  • Awareness requires Knowledge.
  • Knowledge requires Curiosity.

If you do exactly as you're told all day long, and live the good life you're told will result from following all the rules, you are not curious. But if, despite following all the rules, there is still something missing ... then you are Curious. The starting point should be religion. Research every religion THAT IS NOT YOUR OWN, and THEN research your own. Religions are designed to stimulate the imagination. Having derived from folk lore and theatrical history. But remember that Curiosity is simply the first step.

 If You're already Curious but seek knowledge, research all forms of science. Science is the nitty gritty details of everything we perceive. It's what describes our understanding of the physical cosmos and the forces that control it. And above all, it is fascinating. and read, anything and everything, there is no such thing as a bad book. there are badly written books, but if you dont read them, you dont have anything to compare the good books to. if there is ANYTHING you dont understand, look it up. these days it takes less than a minute to find a vast amount of information on ANY subject.

If You have Knowledge but you seek Awareness, start truly listening to those around you, awareness grows when you add perspectives to it, and to gain perspectives, you will need to interact positively with your fellow earthlings.

If you are Aware, and seek Understanding, look inside yourself for the point at which your curiosity, knowledge and awareness meet. It is there that true comprehension lies. By understanding yourself, you gain an understanding of everything.
If you want an understanding (there are many) click here  and when you've read it, tell me again how it's not that simple ;)

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