Thursday, 2 June 2011

How would religion feature in a Resource Based Economy?

For many of the people that are currently interested in a RBE, the norm is either complete anarchism (including some form of athiesm) or something akin to it. This is unfortunate, because there is no reason why a personal religion cannot exist within a resource based economy. in fact, the peace preached by most religions could be a deciding factor in getting to a resource based economy in the first place.

Organized religion causes major problems, because through banking and business interests, they stand to profit by manipulating their system.

Personal Religion causes charity and other wonderful results, because the basic tenets of any religion do not promote division.

Organized religion causes extremists and fundamentalists and zealots, because they twist words to suit their purposes.

Personal religion causes peace, because it promotes the understanding that we are each entitled to our own opinion on the matter

I have been searching for quite a while for a term that describes my belief system. The best I can find is:
a selective all-ist sprinkled with a touch of personal flavour. and if you dont agree with my description of religion, then you can tell my God, who is 3ft tall, blue, and She lives in a cupboard no-one can ever find.
Although this seems like like a childish response, when you understand that it is in fact child-like, and that it's innocence is what makes it true, you begin to see that proclaiming "our way is the only right way" and "your way leads to hell" are just forms of fear-mongering hammered into us by organized religion.

I have read quite a bit of the Christian bibles (yes there are other versions of the book than the one you read in church), I have read some of the Quran. I have attended Hindu ceremonies and shared many a meal with some Bhuddist friends. I have read Tao Te Ching while sitting in an Anglican church. They all say the same thing. Love. Unconditionally, unequivically, Love. And the more you Love the greater it will all be. It is written there, plain as the sunrise on a clear morning. In hundreds of languages across all the societies.

Now, a RBE will break organized religion (without money or property, their influence is purely spiritual, and the conflicting theories of ownership and freedom will become apparent), and promote Personal Religion by freeing individuals to contemplate their own existence and follow their hearts more purely.

To assume that religion will not work in a RBE is to assume that you KNOW there is no God, or you KNOW your God is the RIGHT one or any other KNOWing. maybe take a step back and look at the bigger picture... you might see a thing or two. I will leave you with this:

"you speak to me of God
as if yours and mine are the same,
and we the tame shrews
designed to slink behind,
when walk is what i care to do,
to move with My God,
tie my steps to his,
because his are mine and i
feel too much light
to be the shadow trailing
and constantly failing.
the light is me and the shadow is a memory
a ruffly in my candle-flame

we speak the same language;
but our understanding of the words
our perception of righteous rightness
puts your dialect outside my ken.

Pray sit with me,
and let us reach understanding,
without war or fight,
or pretending to know what's right

I Love You, because it is all I have."

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