Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Biggest Lie Ever? ... It's not that simple

When In Fact... It Is
I Could Tell You Now... But you might not understand.
I do not mean to sound condescending.

  • But Understanding requires Awareness. 
  • Awareness requires Knowledge.
  • Knowledge requires Curiosity.

If you do exactly as you're told all day long, and live the good life you're told will result from following all the rules, you are not curious. But if, despite following all the rules, there is still something missing ... then you are Curious. The starting point should be religion. Research every religion THAT IS NOT YOUR OWN, and THEN research your own. Religions are designed to stimulate the imagination. Having derived from folk lore and theatrical history. But remember that Curiosity is simply the first step.

 If You're already Curious but seek knowledge, research all forms of science. Science is the nitty gritty details of everything we perceive. It's what describes our understanding of the physical cosmos and the forces that control it. And above all, it is fascinating. and read, anything and everything, there is no such thing as a bad book. there are badly written books, but if you dont read them, you dont have anything to compare the good books to. if there is ANYTHING you dont understand, look it up. these days it takes less than a minute to find a vast amount of information on ANY subject.

If You have Knowledge but you seek Awareness, start truly listening to those around you, awareness grows when you add perspectives to it, and to gain perspectives, you will need to interact positively with your fellow earthlings.

If you are Aware, and seek Understanding, look inside yourself for the point at which your curiosity, knowledge and awareness meet. It is there that true comprehension lies. By understanding yourself, you gain an understanding of everything.
If you want an understanding (there are many) click here  and when you've read it, tell me again how it's not that simple ;)

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Home Self-Sustainability Solutions

Food: Vertical Farms For The Home
This Will Not Replace All your dietary needs, but will reduce you monthly grocery bill quite substantially if you plan it right.

Energy: Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
By going with a VAWT, you avoid noise pollution as well as CO2 emissions. They can be made from common items like PVC piping, and if you have a windy area, multiple VAWTs can power a large home.

Water: How to Purify Water
I'm not even going to mention how important this is.

Re-Use, Recycle & Reduce

and Finally: Be Aware, Share Share Share, And Show You Care

Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Bridge: activist site for TRansition into a Resource Based Economy

Join the new Activist site for change to a RBE by clicking here and liking the page...
before we can make a change, we need a following, it's a simple click and maybe a read :)

How would religion feature in a Resource Based Economy?

For many of the people that are currently interested in a RBE, the norm is either complete anarchism (including some form of athiesm) or something akin to it. This is unfortunate, because there is no reason why a personal religion cannot exist within a resource based economy. in fact, the peace preached by most religions could be a deciding factor in getting to a resource based economy in the first place.

Organized religion causes major problems, because through banking and business interests, they stand to profit by manipulating their system.

Personal Religion causes charity and other wonderful results, because the basic tenets of any religion do not promote division.

Organized religion causes extremists and fundamentalists and zealots, because they twist words to suit their purposes.

Personal religion causes peace, because it promotes the understanding that we are each entitled to our own opinion on the matter

I have been searching for quite a while for a term that describes my belief system. The best I can find is:
a selective all-ist sprinkled with a touch of personal flavour. and if you dont agree with my description of religion, then you can tell my God, who is 3ft tall, blue, and She lives in a cupboard no-one can ever find.
Although this seems like like a childish response, when you understand that it is in fact child-like, and that it's innocence is what makes it true, you begin to see that proclaiming "our way is the only right way" and "your way leads to hell" are just forms of fear-mongering hammered into us by organized religion.

I have read quite a bit of the Christian bibles (yes there are other versions of the book than the one you read in church), I have read some of the Quran. I have attended Hindu ceremonies and shared many a meal with some Bhuddist friends. I have read Tao Te Ching while sitting in an Anglican church. They all say the same thing. Love. Unconditionally, unequivically, Love. And the more you Love the greater it will all be. It is written there, plain as the sunrise on a clear morning. In hundreds of languages across all the societies.

Now, a RBE will break organized religion (without money or property, their influence is purely spiritual, and the conflicting theories of ownership and freedom will become apparent), and promote Personal Religion by freeing individuals to contemplate their own existence and follow their hearts more purely.

To assume that religion will not work in a RBE is to assume that you KNOW there is no God, or you KNOW your God is the RIGHT one or any other KNOWing. maybe take a step back and look at the bigger picture... you might see a thing or two. I will leave you with this:

"you speak to me of God
as if yours and mine are the same,
and we the tame shrews
designed to slink behind,
when walk is what i care to do,
to move with My God,
tie my steps to his,
because his are mine and i
feel too much light
to be the shadow trailing
and constantly failing.
the light is me and the shadow is a memory
a ruffly in my candle-flame

we speak the same language;
but our understanding of the words
our perception of righteous rightness
puts your dialect outside my ken.

Pray sit with me,
and let us reach understanding,
without war or fight,
or pretending to know what's right

I Love You, because it is all I have."

Monday, 30 May 2011

Before a Transition, we must Prepare

For those of you that have read my Posts: Changing The World and Summary of the Transition, some of the beginning here might sound like repetition, so feel free to skip the next paragraph. If you have not heard of a Resource Based Economy, please take some time and click here, although I must state that I am not promoting the Venus Project or Jaque Fresco in this post.

The one thing everyone (99.8%) on the planet has in common, is that we are not billionaires. To eliminate this issue and several others, and to fix more than half the problems around the world, we must rid ourselves of the concept that we own possessions. Rather, the next logical evolutionary step is a shift to a shared global resource based economy. 

To achieve this economy, there are a number of detailed requirements. These include a Global awareness of a viable alternative economy and plan for transition into this economy, unity of action and purpose, a dynamic autonomous resource management system(designed for efficiency and sustainability), several well organised support programs using experts in various fields to assist with transitions, the list goes on.

Achieving a "world without money" seems like a completely idyllic setup. One that most people would shun very quickly. Looking at the internet after a quick search for The Venus Project will show a great number of people latching onto the lack of a detailed plan of transition into a RBE. I have also joined this bandwagon, and now consider the Venus Project to be an elitist (scarcity based) endeavor. My summary of transition has met with no reply from Mr. Fresco or Miss. Meadows, leaving me with no alternative but to spurn them, and try to gather their followers toward achieving a better world.

This is not simply done. Fresco is the only person to ever truly study a resource based economy in much detail, and so (being that he has been so very secretive about his work), I can only begin to emulate his designs. The principles are simple though.

7 Principles of a Resource Based Economy
  1. With the correct, direct application of technology geared toward sustainability, a significant improvement in the health, well being, education and productive input of the global general population can be achieved.
  2. A shared global economy would mean an equal responsibility and accountability for all, as well as access for all to the myriad of advantages of a RBE offers.
  3. With a shared economy comes a global reduction in crime (around 50% initially, and a further 15% within 10 years) because 50% of all crime is based on ownership and property.
  4. A shared economy results in a higher amount of educated professionals capable of innovation and improvement, and a complete removal of all inferior products and inefficient production techniques.
  5. More responsible research projects, that do not suffer from budgetary restrictions, allowing for exponential intellectual growth.
  6. A Resource Based Economy encourages the fundamental security of all resources for sustainable use, with quality as an end purpose instead infinite growth or profit.
  7. Technology will allow all redundant and unwanted jobs to be eliminated and/or replaced by more efficient systems, creating abundance, in turn creating new industries and boosting many of the arts.
All of these sound delightful, and so far fetched from the current system, that it is almost impossible to imagine how to get there. Almost. As explained in my post Summary of the Transition, the entire process would require 4 essential phases, the last 3 of which would take approximately 3 years. That post did not define the first phase, Which is predominantly where I am heading now.
Before Unification, Adaptation, or Introduction can take place, there must be: PreparationWere we to attempt converting to a Resource Based Economy without making the right preparations, the consequences could be dire. We will therefore attempt to be as well prepared for change as possible.
In order for everyone (again 99.8% of the planet) to be prepared, they will require:
  • Information: Nobody can make the "right" choice if they do not have information pertaining to their choices. Information to be included in Activism handbook: Reverse Thinking Crash Course:The False Constructs (Ownership, Nationalism, Religion), The explanation of a resource based economy, A complete up-to-date technology report, The self-sustainability guide.
  • Self-sustainability: Through the use of open source sharing, a simple set of solutions for home-use can allow the planet's consumers to get off the the economic grid (reducing global debt in the immediate future and undermining corporate profit interests in resource scarcity). The self-sustainability is only a short term solution, and using built-in obsolescence to reduce reliance in the long term, will allow a smooth transition into a resource-abundant and shared resource society. The self-sustainability guide should include @home:
  • energy solutions, 
  • water purification, 
  • water heating solutions, 
  • vertical farm solutions, 
  • herbal health solutions, 
  • carbon footprint reduction solutions,
  • eco-friendly construction techniques and materials, 
  • and finally efficient waste recycling and/or disposal.
  • The Dynamic Autonomous Resource Management System (DARMS): a high-level encryption AI program, using global supply and demand to manage resources efficiently. Eliminating the human ability to use resource scarcity for profit. This system is vital to a transition, as it will afford people a reprieve from the struggles of logistical and bureaucratic entanglement. Open Source combined with transparency, will allow for the system to function according to the 7 Principles of a Resource Based Economy.
  • The Global Social Support Network: Because our biggest resource is people, they need support and nurturing. This is most easily done in the form of a global centralized art network, encouraging expression, acceptance, creativity and tolerance.
These 4 elements will create a global mindset geared for change, prepared for transition and ready to begin the journey toward the freedom of self-governance.

I am currently busy compiling the activism and self-sustainability guides while searching for people that are willing to design and code the DARMS and anyone who wishes to help would be most welcome.

Have you got any ideas you would like to add?

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Why choice is everything...

Daily, we complain about a great many things, some do it more than others, and a very few are the exception. But how much of what is wrong with our lives and the world around us, is a direct result of our own choices?
I most certainly didn’t dig up vast amounts of oil, or design a combustible engine, or a monetary economic system. I did not start a religious war in the middle east. I did not enslave millions of workers and pay them minimum wage. I did not withhold food, or waste it, or spill chemicals into our oceans or over-fish or kill off thousands of species. None of that was my choice…. was it?
Unfortunately, according my own personal set of beliefs, it was. According to my beliefs, if there is a God, and I can prove no existence other than my own beyond a shadow of a doubt, I must be God. Now before everyone condemns me as a heretic, I would ask that you hear me out.
All of reality can be expressed simply through a series of chemical and electrical reactions withing the brain. Therefore, the only true evidence any of us can give ourselves of our own existence, is our own thoughts.
I think, therefore I am - Descartes
Now let’s look at the term God: the dictionary has it as
Definition of GOD 1capitalized : the supreme or ultimate reality: asa : the Being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness who is worshipped as creator and ruler of the universeb Christian Science : the incorporeal divine Principle ruling over all as eternal Spirit : infinite Mind2: a being or object believed to have more than natural attributes and powers and to require human worship;specifically : one controlling a particular aspect or part of reality3: a person or thing of supreme value4: a powerful ruler-Miriam-Webster
Let us now look at each definition with the understanding that the only reality we can prove is our own.1.
“The supreme or ultimate reality”, seems a very apt description for the only reality that has any corroborative evidence. “Perfect in power” You always have a choice (even if you dont like it) “Wisdom” no-one can understand your reality better than you, “and goodness” do we not strive to live our lives right? have we not created laws and rules to govern our existence according to our understanding of right? “who is worshiped as creator and ruler of the universe” I have not yet found evidence that it was not me who created it, and I certainly tell people often enough that it’s my life. 2.
 ”a being or object believed to have more than natural attributes and powers” you wouldn’t believe some of the things I’ve seen people do, and the more people doing it, the more astounding the things I’ve seen.
“a person or thing of supreme value” ask any mother holding a new born what they value most supremely. And when faced with death or the loss of the material? we begin to value ourselves most supremely
“a powerful ruler” We are currently subverted from self-rule by adhering to the rule of others, but is their “rule” needed? or do we rule ourselves ultimately?
If I work from the assumption that I am God, then I must take responsibility for all the wrong in my World, and this is where everyone pulls up short, and immediately denies their Godliness. 
I have accepted mine, and am now beginning to flex my Godliness to effect change in my world. I’m choosing to make a difference where I see a need. What are you doing with the rest of your life?

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Evolution of Government: The caveman evolves

I have shown how the construct of ownership is very much stuck in it's early stages of evolutionary development, but it is not alone. We currently have several of our mental constructs still learning about fire and inventing the wheel. But there are a few that have shown tremedous growth throughout their lifespan to-date.

There is the construct of government, which is much younger than that of ownership, dating back only as far as 3500bc in it's official capacity, although even tribal man felt the need for structure and order and chose a chief or council of elders to make big decisions and act as arbiter. This would later evolve into depotic kingdoms, led by kings. There are some kingdoms that have sequestered themselves in their kingdomatic evolution and remain steadfast even today. Later, with over population, dissention among the masses and an inability for one man to effectively rule, those kingdoms became empires, ruled by one and governed by a ministry. It is this ministry that would later grow to power, overthrow the ruler and become a structured government. Today we have several varieties of this government structure:

  • Autocracy (The Rule of One) *Here, the flaw is obvious
    • Dictatorship
      • Military dictatorship
      • Stratocracy
      • Despotism
    • Kleptocracy
    • Kritarchy
    • Monarchy
      • Absolute monarchy
      • Constitutional monarchy
      • Duchy
        • Grand Duchy
      • Diarchy
      • Enlightened absolutism
      • Elective monarchy
      • Hereditary monarchy
      • Non-Sovereign Monarchy
      • Popular monarchy
      • Principality
      • New Monarchs
      • Self-proclaimed monarchy
      • Regent
    • Plutocracy
      • Timocracy
    • Police state
    • Oligarchy
      • Saeculum obscurum
    • Theocracy
    • Tyranny
  • Anarchy (Absence of organized government) *Although many advocate a move to this system, it will invariably lead back to other forms of government
    • Ochlocracy
    • Tribalism
  • Anarchism (Government of consent, not coercion) * although this is similar in principle to an autonomous government, the human factor still makes it corruptible
    • Anarchist communism
    • Libertarian socialism
    • Libertarian municipalism
    • Anarcho-capitalism
    • Green anarchism
    • Isocracy
  • Socialism * without an efficient and abundant system, this essentially cuts 1 cake into 6,5 billion pieces
    • Socialist state
    • Communist state
    • Collective leadership
    • State socialism
    • Soviet republic (system of government)
  • Democracy (The Say of the People) * although this is the most modern of all the systems, it is also the most deceptive, democracy essentially creates division, and one that will always have a majority against a spread of minorities.
    • Consociationalism
    • Deliberative democracy
    • Democratic socialism
    • Totalitarian democracy
      • Dictatorship of the proletariat
    • Direct democracy
    • Egalitarianism
    • Futarchy
    • Open source governance
    • Participatory democracy
    • Representative democracy
      • Parliamentary system
        • Consensus government
        • Westminster system
      • Polyarchy
      • Presidential system
      • Semi-presidential system
  • Republic (The Rule Of law) * this system, very specifically, creates thoughts of Patriotic Superiority, leading to nationalism and xenophobia
      • Constitutional republic
      • Parliamentary republic
      • Federal Republic

To date, not one of these has brought unity, freedom and prosperity to the world as a whole, but this is not surprizing, as none of these goverments were designed to accomodate the entire planet. When government first became the rational option for people, there were only individual states to be concerned with.Now the picture has changes, and the politcal system must evolve, or it will collapse under the enormous weight of a dissatisfied planet. It is time for the next logical evolutionary step to be made. The step, in my opinion, is not one that can be simply decided upon and done. There is an entire planet full of people to consider. 

So let us run a thought experiment:

We are asked to design a new goverment for the entire planet. That allows freedom, cultural difference and is completely transparent. One that is dynamic and can adjust to the needs of the planet in real time. A system that does not raise one person's control over others by means of political fearmongering. 

This system is not as far-fetched as one might believe. We already have a completely functional system that caters for all of these requirements. And it is an autonomous system. Wikipedia has no single body of control, but rather, is governed by the people using the system. Of course, wikipedia has been touted as questionable in it's authenticity. But fi one is aware of the fallible nature of the system, then there are simple ways to circumnavigate the problem. The easiest of which is human intervention, whereby, someone familiar with the decision reaching process steps in and makes the decision. In a real-world autonomous govenment, this would mean that experts are only required in exigent circumstances.

The main thing to note, is that government was never designed to enforce laws, or dominate it's society. It was designed to govern. Which is actually a job of diligence and maintenance, is today misused as a position of authority and power.