Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Systems that DONT WORK

It has become abundantly clear to me, that there are almost no systems left in place on the planet that have not been compromised or corrupted in some way. The current systems all either serve a very few, tirelessly, while ignoring the masses, or actively feeds on the majority, still to the benefit of the very few. This is classic parasitic behaviour, and we are now nearing a very important and subtle verge where the parasite begins to kill the host completely (this will occur as soon as the parasite has found an acceptable new host, or has learned self-sustenance).

It is some of our basic and most intrinsic systems that are causing this parasitic behaviour, and it is these systems that must be addressed. They are:

Pig knew he could never eat it all,
but he also knew it was his destiny to try
The Monetary System
    • Crime - 90% of all crime is related to money
    • Corruption - Money is the key cause of almost all forms of corruption
    • War - Regardless of publicized reasons, all modern wars are about money.
    • Poverty - 1% of the World's population owns 40% of it's wealth, is that fair?
    • Ownership - If an object has value, currently, it's value is made up based on various calculations and inflations governed by laws and allowances for profit. But, as with any system, after enough time, the users begin to see the loopholes in the system and the value of the item becomes undermined while the price incrementally gets pushed upward, seeking higher profit margins. Ownership essentially devalues any product owned. And who actually said it belongs to you anyway?
  • Medical/Health Care
    • Budgetary Restrictions on research - Medical research that is not profitable, will not be persued. This means that the cures to major diseases might never be found, is this how we want to live?
    • Budgetary Restrictions on distribution - If we are so medically advanced that we can chryogenically freeze Walt Disney, why is Africa still sick?
    • Medical Insurance Fraud - the medical industry has brought medical insurance with them to cover their ridiculous prices. No insurance, no guarantee of good health care. This is commonly known as blackmail, and is a horrible way to run an entire industry
    • Wealth distribution inequity - Does a plastic surgeon really deserve the mansion in the hills? while the nurse working her self to a stand-still truly caring for patients lives in a crumby apartment.
World IQ rankings. Red - Low, Green - High
IQ scores show as low in poorly educated systems.
    • Lowering Standards
    • Incorrect teachings
    • Lack of education
    • Materials and resource restrictions - again, Africa, it's like the world revels in watching these orphans with snot on their faces, with no real hope for the future.

  • Political
    • Fundamental flaw - All political systems are fundamentally flawed, because they are placed over a world where the monetary system is already in place. Meaning that eventually, the politicians will steal and abuse their power, big companies will pay politician to enter into illigal business practices, unfair trade advantage will be given to some, and even the choices within a Democratic system become simple manipulations on behalf of the Big Business Companies.
    • Remove money,and try it again, then we might be able to choose a system that works
  • Entertainment
    • Abused mass distribution method - The potential of the modern media industry is awe-inspiring, and yet, what are we doing with it? Wearing Meat-dresses to music awards, and feeding us utter garbage 90% of the time.
    • Superficial - There are real topics out there, ignore Paris Hilton!!!

  • Agricultural
    • Modern Farming techniques could feed the entire planet easily and use less space than it currently is, with less ecological impact, but there's no profit in that, so it doesn't happen. Again, Africa thanks the world for it's consideration.
  • Energy
    • This is an over-stated topic. Simple facts: Oil will run out, coal will run out, green energy is growing, but is being slowed by the oil and coal companies, and we are tolerating it.... why?
  • Resource Management
    • If resources we're protected because of their use-value instead of their monetary value, gucci loses it's appeal, and water suddenly becomes clean and drinkable.
  • Religious
    • Too touchy a subject to go into but a few points to be made
      • World's Most Influential Banking Interest - The Roman Vatican
      • Two biggest religions are the also the two responsible for the most atrocities in history.
      • Religion is the best selling product on the international market
  • Real Estate
    • The False concept of ownership. Perpetuated to the point of insanity with both ides of the battle screaming, this is our land!!! when in fact, it belongs to everyone, not just some of us.

Waste Management
    • There are several companies that are now initiating systems that turn human rubbish and waste back into oil and other basic forms of carbon, this seriously needs to spread planet-wide, and fast!

  • Transport
    • There are so many new forms of transport that are faster, safer, less damaging to the environment, and cheaper to own and maintain, that I am astounded to see the comparison between traditional transportation and modern transportation. The divide is getting smaller, but so slowly, that by the time Eco Friendly is the order of the day, it will be too late.
In my next post, i am going to try and talk about replacement systems and/or amendments to current systems that i think will make a significant change to the way the world lives. Let me know what your opinion is.

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