Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Systems that CAN WORK

When we think of the future, we hope for the best, but our inner realist says: HA! IT"S ALL FALLING TO PIECES NOW! IT"LL FALL TO PIECES THEN! and we tend to look forward with fears of armageddon, nuclear holocaust, and a planet that returns the punishment we have given it.
Here i must admit that as a species, the human race has proved to be extremely aggressive, and it's ability to adapt has led to our domination of the planet. This power, as with all power, has corrupted us, severed our link with our planet, and driven us to the point of destruction. But we hold ourselves back from the brink. Our global consiousness is aware enough to sense its danger, and we scramble to patch our broken planet. But patching cannot work, it cannot but create new set of problems, being based on the current systems.
So what we are looking for then, is a completely new set of systems.

The thought experiment:

If we we to get rid of all systems that dont work and replace them with re-thought systems, what would we replace them with?

  • The Monetary System
    • it must be admitted, that through the monetary system, we have discovered a wonderful tracking system for our resources. This should not be discounted when moving forward, but rather taken to it's full potential. The problem with the current system is debt and consequent inflation. If the monetary system is "demoted" in importance through the removal of debt, it can be effectively used to keep track of all the planet's resources without doing the damage it currently does. Money itself must have no value, it must only represent value. Money itself should be freely available, with limits being set only to conserve and improve the future.
    • The new system should invlove a tracking system (a mag-strip card will suffice, chips under our skin are just silly and potentially dangerous) which simply needs to be swiped to record what goods are being "purchased". 
    • This is not a payment system, everything is essentially free, you do not have to work to earn, work you do will be due to passion and interest. You dont have to steal, take your card and go get your own. You dont have to be greedy either, you dont actually own any of the things your card 'buys' you. 
    • This system allows for responsible resource management, without prospects of profit or threats of financial ruin.
    • Finally, this system breaks the association of value with money, and rather establishes value with that of the resource and not its potential for profit, while simultaneously using its transparency to easily identify system abuse.
  • Medical/Health Care
    • Budgetary Restrictions on research are no longer a problem as the monetary system has been replaced and innovation shoots through the roof, reducing disease, and advancing our knowledge faster than at any point in the history of medicine.
    • Budgetary Restrictions on distribution are no longer a problem. Everyone has a card, the tracking system shows us which medicines are needed where, and Doctors Without Borders has proven that some medical practitioners do care, i would hazard a guess and say that most do. And with the lack of financial restriction, the medical field will now include many who were formerly ineligible purely because of economic circumstances.
    • Medical Insurance will no longer be necessary, as the new monetary system does all the tracking, and medicine is freely available to all.
    • The resources freed up by the removal of health insurance will easily provide for the required spread of health care to those who need it.
  • Education
    • I must admit that my knowledge about the international educational system is sporadic at best, but i feel confident that the removal of the current monetary system will have a positive effect on education. I intend to look much deeper into the matter for a future write-up
  • Political
    • Without money to corrupt it, any of the more modern social or political systems might work. The idea here though is to re-invent. So, although democracy gives the power to the people, it also allows the fears of the uneducated to stand in the way of growth or improvement. Communism does not allow for recognition where it might be due although, in theory, it provides equally for all. The best option would of course be to take the best of each system, and form something new. Allowing for discussion. The removal of money will remove much of the crime, thereby reducing the need for law enforcement and in turn lowering the need for law revision or law creation. This will allow government to govern without the need to politic.
  • Entertainment
    • With the focus shifting away from material possession, the media industry will reduce the amount of useless advertising and increase educational content. The internet is vital to this future. We may not see it now, but through the internet, we have created the ability to utilize both the HIVE-MENTALITY and individual thinking. This will set us apart as a species more than ever before, but as less superficial beings, we will be more inclined to use our ingenuity for the good of the world around us
  • Agricultural 
    • Without profit margins to chase, agriculture will be free to feed the whole planet, responsibly, abundantly and healthily .
  • Energy
    • The aim is simple, zero negative impact on the ecology, maximum positive impact.
  • Real Estate
    • The False concept of ownership will be broken, no more borders, no more homeless, no more
  • Resource Management
    • This will be the most important system, as this will directly affect the long term future of the species, and the planet. It must place emphasis on sustainability and abundance. This will include everything from energy, to food, water and even so far as intellectual property. All resources are precious.
  • Waste Management
    • There are several companies that are now initiating systems that turn human rubbish and waste back into oil and other basic forms of carbon, this seriously needs to spread planet-wide, and fast!
  • There are so many new forms of transport that are faster, safer, less damaging to the environment, and cheaper to own and maintain, that the time has come to embrace them and reject tradition energy driven transportation.

This is the basic set of systems that I would replace in order to fix what is currently broken and has only my limited view for potential. There is obviously a much more detail picture needed, but as long as it follows these basic formats, it should perform the hoped for improvements. In my next piece, I will discuss a possible transition into this set of systems. Please leave comments, especially if you disagree, after all, that's how we learn.

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