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Getting to a a better world. Without money, borders, hunger, poverty, disease or war.

Since as early as 1960, people like Jaque Fresco have been researching and designing aResource Based Economy (RBE), their work details the reason it is needed, its structure and the benefits it would have for society. There are, today, more than a dozen large projects based on this research and the RBE philosophy, each with hundreds, even thousands of avid followers and believers. However, as yet, we live in a monetary economy with no actual change in the foreseeable future. Many have used the RBE concept as a means of getting a following, only to have it all fall apart, or not have enough funding, or support, or they have simply been self-serving. This is, in part, because of natural human resistance to change, but predominantly because of a lack of security. As yet, none of these designs have given a simple and effective method for transitioning into this new system. Thus far, each proposed plan, requires a leap of “faith” at some point. Where we must trust in mankind’s better nature. To use an analogy:
there is a river we must cross, with logs floating so that crossing is possible, but tricky. If we know which logs are stable, we can cross, but unstable logs look safe even though they could easily turn on us and mean our downfall, so we are hesitant.
And rightly so, too often has the human race jumped headlong into the future with no pause to think about ramifications.
I will describe here my bridge to that new world, a step by step plan to achieve a RBE with security and virtually no negative change. The plan has three major parts: Unification,Adaptation, and Introduction. Each divided into its required steps and all following a detailed timeline. The timeline will only begin once a system for unification is in place. This system is simply a single forum followed by the majority of society. For obvious reasons, the further we go along the timeline, the less predictable the next required step will be. This does not mean that we should not make the change, merely that a solution for global distribution of resources, that does not include government, must be found. 
By combining the efforts of the thousands already striving for a RBE with a unified system and a plan for the future, I hope to show the world that ownership is not the only way, that a free society is not just possible, plausible and needed, but more importantly that it does not have to be a time transition including chaos and trouble.
Part 1 : Unification
Before an effective Transition Timeline (TT) starting date can be established, we need unified global awareness. With modern social networking providing instant global news, we are at a prime location in human history to make this change. Strategically managed social accounts and an effective global media campaign should be used to garner mass public interest.
Once a maximum global audience is achieved and the message begins to spread, there should be no longer than 6 months for the TT starting point to be established. Any longer, and global attention will wander and the window of opportunity will close.
It is in these 3-6 months that the 99.8% of the global community must be made aware that the one thing everyone has in common: is that they are not wealthy. The majority of the planet is poor and in debt. It is now almost common knowledge that 1% of the world’s population controls 40% of the planet’s wealth. Forbes currently lists 1210 Billionaires in the world. And if you didn’t know it, you do now. When expressed this way, we immediately see the gross inequity of the economic divide.
However, statistics can be turned on their head, like all things man made. And so it is to be noted that 99% of the population controls 60% of the wealth. This instantly shows us that the majority of the planet owns the majority of the wealth and resources. Obviously this 60% of the wealth is spread out over the 99% of the population, and so is rendered ineffective against the concentrated wealth of the 1%. But, a unified global account and account management system designed with the interest of the people could use this majority share to restructure the systems on the planet, freeing everyone living under economic suppression.
Summary of steps before TT startpoint establishment:
  1. Global Social Connection (The Maximum number of global followers is the aim)
  2. Global Unified Majority Account (Complete transparency is a must)
  3. Global Account Management System (Designed specifically for ability to manage particular sectors Energy, Agriculture, Health Care, Transport, Infrastructure etc)
Once the TT begins there will, for all intents and purposes, be no more money, and so corruption of the Global Council becomes quite difficult.
I am deliberately ignoring the topics of race, religion, culture and creed as they have no influence on the fact that everyone is entitled to the basics of life. Food, Water, Shelter, Health Care. 
So TT Phase 1 step :
  1. Spreading of a Unified Account Access Card (simple mag-stripe credit card). This card will access the Global Account for all transactions; food, health, transport etc) The Unified Global Account can act as a complete tracking system of all resources. The complete transparency of the account will show irregular activity, easily pointing out cases of misuse of the account. As part of this step, each person should be given a complete guide to sustainable living. The spreading of the cards, although seemingly daunting, when viewed in perspective, is not that hard to grasp. Banking-like distribution will allow for 6 billion people and around 4 billion businesses and organisations to register within a very short period of time. Simple math shows us, 10 billion registrations, across the world’s approximately 2,5 million cities gives an average of 4000 registrations per city. This is easily within 1 city’s weekly normal transaction limitations. Also, cards need not be re-printed and manufactured for this transition, as there are cu
  2. Unified Global Resource Assessment. Before we can say what is needed where, we need to know what is actually where. Once everyone has a card, and tracking has begun, this can become a real-time computer-controlled RBE. The assesment will include reports from every administrative area.
  3. Unified Global De-nationalization. There is no way to force each country to relinquish it’s borders, but any borders remaining will only hinder that country’s access to the new Global Economy. The new system does not require import or export duties. And a Unified Global Nation, recognizing several hundred different sets of cultures, can reap the benefits of a healthy global sharing of wealth. Government is not required if we re-evaluate the way we reach decisions. Global digital conferences can be held, where solutions to the problem of distribution of resources can be addressed. Everyone already has a vested interest in the planet. It would make the most sense, in my opinion, to combine current forms of government, and redesign them according to a free system. The concept democracy, allows the public to have a voice and in theory holds government responsible for general well being, whereas, the concept of communism is to create equal opportunity, where, theoretically, no individual has power over another. Without money and ownership to hinder us. Might a new political system combining the best of each system not work? Evolution of politics demands we govern ourselves differently, and a system driven by transparency is the most likely to survive.
  4. Unified Industrial. Competition may be healthy, but so is sharing, and sharing competitively, well that’s just marvelous. Industrial revolution with an open, idea-sharing market. When the incentive is responsible advancement, research and development teams working under the strictures of transparency, will be helping each other globally, permanently. Suppression of tools for advancement, for the sake of profiteering, will no longer be a problem. Think of sport. Although much of it today is played professionally, it never starts out that way. Most will spend years in training and competition, simply for the love of the sport. It is only when it becomes professional, and money is included into the system that we find the Good Sportsman mentality begin to break down. Work could be the same, without money, the goal is to deliver the best work you can, and in order to do that, most of the time, collaboration is the best option. Together, we are greater than the sum of our parts.
  5. Unified Education. As this is the most long-lived of all the proposed projects, it must begin in Phase 1. This step will form a separate branch on the TT.
Phase 2 & 3: Adaptation & Introduction
Once we have unified the planet toward saving the planet and making a difference, we can begin to adapt current system, rid ourselves of those that do not work, and introduce new systems.
I would be doubling the length of this essay simply by including a list of all the adaptations that need to be made. Instead, I have compiled a list of links, that show how we are already on the path to this future, all we need is a catalyst to bring about change. 
I am aware that this plan does not cover every contingency, and it never will. For every answer we find, there are two more questions. It, like all life, is a work-in-progress. If you have managed to read this far, I would ask that you go a step further, and ask me a question, point out a mistake, follow my blog, tell others about it and reblog me. Together we truly can make a difference.

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