Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Simple isn't practical, and practical isn't simple

Okay, so yesterday I joined tumblr, I post up some of the stuff from my other blog, and then I start to explore. Turns out, I’m about as unique as everyone else after all.
I want a world without money, where I’m not limited because of a Global misconceptions. But there are literally thousands online that are all trying for the same thing, and yet I see no real change in the right direction. Some of these people are, like me, young and inarticulate when it comes to implementing the beliefs they feel inside. Others are elderly scholars who have been structuring research around the topic for decades… DECADES!!!
So how do we go about changing the world?
It’s a big question, which has both simple answers and complicated answers.
The simple answers are:
  • Spread the word, until EVERYONE knows about the concept.
  • Study the planet and see what it needs.
  • Get rid of the unneeded, 
  • Adapt what we have.
  • Share everything with everyone.
  • Value and care for the planet.
The complicated answers are based on these answers, and each one is extremely difficult to put on paper, as the world changes faster than any writer can capture it’s requirements. But there have been some very good investigations at possibilities. The Venus Project, The Ecova Project and several others have documented and continue to document and design plans for the future.
  • In order for ANY change to be effected, everyone who can be reached must at least be made aware of the plans to make a change, this will allow for opinion to be duly documented.
  • Those wanting to actively make the change, need to gather and make the change. Prioritize the needed steps and take them.
  • Complete Planetary Assessments need to be made. Measure to fix problems need to be identified and implemented.
  • Borders Must Come Down, The Money System must be adapted to a free resource-based economy. Destructive systems must be found, and the fixed
  • Current systems must be made sustainable.
  • The biggest step will be the construction of hospitals, farms, schools, housing and renewable energy plants.
  • A completely renewable and sustainable society should take no longer than 5 years to establish if implemented correctly.
The problem arises with getting people to listen. Much as democracy struggles to get people to vote, gaining enough apathy for the initiative to work requires tremendous resources. Which is strange, considering the interconnectivity we experience through social networking. 
What is your opinion? 

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