Thursday, 5 May 2011

Omegle Fun

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
You: high
Stranger: good morning
Stranger: how high?
You: pretty damn high
Stranger: be carefull if you fall
You: didn't know you cared
You: :)
Stranger: what goes up must go down
Stranger: I dont care
You: so you're assuming that i'm high on some sort of substance then
Stranger: no
Stranger: 34th flor
You: ah.... nope... ground floor
Stranger: high expectations?
You: now we're getting somewhere
Stranger: dont expect too much on something you cant control
You: what can't i control?
Stranger: this
You: does it need to be controlled?
Stranger: yes
You: is this your opinion or a certainty
Stranger: no
Stranger: the blue elephant told me
You: he's useful like that
Stranger: yes
Stranger: a lot
Stranger: specially when the pink giraffe blows red soap bubbles
You: never had the good luck to see it
You: but i'm sure my time wll come
Stranger: you have to use the wood glasses
You: any particular tree?
Stranger: yes of course
Stranger: but you have to discover it alone
You: food thing i'm heading into the forrest soon
You: do you smell nice?
Stranger: the blue stripe of a rainbow
Stranger: in a manly way
You: the blue line is a very manly line
Stranger: I'm a man
You: i know
Stranger: when I'm not a red dot
You: that i didn't know.... do you precede bullets or marriage?
Stranger: I'm married
Stranger: never took a bullet
You: i took one once, but i felt so guilty i returned it the next day, the owner never even noticed
You: guilt is funny like that
You: it's like money.... all in your own head
Stranger: you did well
Stranger: yes
You: do you make lots of money?
Stranger: the only thing that have a real value is the tree form where the glasses are made
Stranger: money try to make me but I wont let it
You: good, money is icky and i wanna get rid of it
You: do you share the glasses with everyone?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: sometimes I lend it to friends
You: i bet it makes them happy
You: i like happy people
Stranger: sometimes they cry
You: happiness can do that too :)
Stranger: when the wood sings
You: singing wood is beautiful
Stranger: yes
You: where is your tree?
Stranger: in the sky above my head above the castle of memmories
You: do the roots reach your head?
Stranger: just in the winter
You: sustenance :)
Stranger: they try to reach the sun
Stranger: always looking for light
Stranger: just like a compulsive red bug
Stranger: what time is in our world?
You: i hope you will take this conversation and write a song about it
Stranger: your
Stranger: I don't write songs
Stranger: just paint music
You: it's beach time here, when there's no shadows
Stranger: I like shadows
Stranger: they always pursuit something
You: what do you call you island?
Stranger: João
Stranger: and yours?
You: Pieter... it's a very sturdy rock :)
Stranger: the second name for my Island is Pedro ... like Peter
You: then it means the same :) and your island is also a strong rock :)
Stranger: if a translation in names is applicable
Stranger: yes
You: my island's second name is Johannes... like João
Stranger: I have to go back to the real world
You: good to meet you
Stranger: you too

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