Tuesday, 12 April 2011

- The Prelude -

A world without money

I am a 28 year old average white male. I have some life experience. More than most, but not enough to really get ahead. For years now, I have struggled to find my niche, and I'm starting to think it doesn't actually exist. That I'm just not built that way. This doesn't answer the essential question of what to do with my life though. Therefore, I, like the masses, have decided to blog, and see where it takes me.

It's a new world. One that can be completely bewildering, until you learn to skim the surface, and only dip into that which catches your attention. (Note that I said attention and not eye!!!) It was only once I got the knack of skimming and dipping (not official terminology, just my own mind at work) that I started to get an Idea of how to blog, but I was still at a loss for what to write about. There is almost not a single topic that doesn't have some sort of blog already written about it. There are, however, a multitude of new topics being introduced and expounded upon daily. Of course, as is almost always the case, I was looking so hard for the answer to this conundrum that I couldn't see the bigger picture.

It was only once I sat back and took full stock that I realized the new content is born out of Passion. The new ideas and creative blogs all belong to people who are intensely passionate about their subject (or about blogging in particular for some). Of course, to be commercially successful, they have to appeal to a broad market that is passionate about the same subject, which limits the massive success to those that follow the mainstream or branch off from it. Stifled once again by the prospect of fighting for decades to make an impact through my writing while trying desperately not to sell out to the corporate mainstream, I pushed aside thoughts of blogging and reverted to reading instead.

But I was not long in the reading when a guest blog on ProBlogger caught my eye, and sure enough, there was the word again... Passion. Only, this time, when the word caught my eye, my frame of mind was right and I almost felt each gear click over in my head. I had been so busy looking for trendy topics that that held my attention long enough to write about, that  I didn't think to use my own passion instead of putting passion into someone else's topic.

My deepest passion is to see a world without money before I die. Not a world with a replacement system implemented. But a world where the system is unneeded and forgotten. However, before I get started on the subject, I'm going to point out a few small FACTS for those who don't know them.

1. All government's are essentially flawed. Communism, Fascism, Democracy, Feudalism etc. are all placed over a system already in place over everything. This is the monetary system. The monetary system ensures that no government can exist that is not corrupt.

2. The majority of the money on the planet is held by the minority of people, leaving the crumbs for the masses.

3. The world is in trouble. Global warming, War, Genocide, Nuclear Threat, Ecological destruction, Pollution, Corruption, Tyranny, and above all indifference and distancing of people. and all of them can be traced back to money.

4. The only crimes not committed because of monetary inequity are those of passion and insanity.

5. It is not money that is evil, nor our love of money, but rather the lie that is ownership.

In this Blog, I am going to detail my plan to achieve a World Without Money, a World Without Borders, a World Without Hunger, a World Without War, a World In Balance and a World Of Health.

We may be stuck right now in a world that requires us to follow the rules so we can pass it all on to our kids, who will do the same etc etc etc, but it doesn't have to be that way forever.

That's the prelude, next installment coming soon.
Rob Cayman

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