Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Start Of words from the Heart

This is how it all begins, where you all begin to listen. What you'll be hearing is the truth, we all hear it when something rings "true". For some it's that heavenly choir of "AH"'s in the background, for others it is a gong of beginning or ending. Some experience the clicking sound as the various mechanisms within the lock fall into place and the door is ready to be opened. Regardless of what occurs when the revelation of truth comes, how we deal with it the only thing of actual significance. The various options are as follows:

  • Deny it totally and unequivically: The is the Stock Answer for irrational, panicky human beings. Choose this option completely at your own peril, as it is most likely to leave you stuck in the dark wondering what the hell is actually going on.

Sitting the fence can only last
until it's your fence they're after
  • Accept the truth half heartedly while keeping your actual opinions hidden from those around you. This might seem the prudent answer in most cases, but is in fact simply a more cowardly approach to life than that of the mindless idiot screaming his protestations of denial. The problem with sitting on a fence is that sooner or later one side or the other wins and sets their sights on you as their next conquest, and then all the fence sitting in the world will not prevent your pleas for mercy being ignored.

  • Stand up, Face life head-on and Accept it as part of your journey. By keeping in mind that all things are relative, you can choose the terms on which you face any problem that might beset you. And acceptance of truth has only ever led to the paths of wisdom, where we can find our way to enlightenment and inner peace. Once inner peace is attained, it can be shared, and once inner peace becomes a way of life instead of a goal, the majority will begin to contemplate actual peace.
Basically, keep an open mind, the best thing you can ever be is wrong. Later Peeps

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